Asset Management 

Helping asset managers to maximise the value of their physical assets.

At Certified Technical Consultants, we help asset investors to maximise the value of their physical assets.  Our asset consultants work with you to manage your assets more efficiently to deliver your functional requirements in line with your business objectives in the most economical, safe, sustainable and reliable manner.

Effective asset management involves coordinating plans and activities across the lifecycle of an asset to maximise value.  We make recommendations and provide feedback from asset reviews of asset health, capability, faults and defects.


Services included


  • Asset Expenditure Planning

  • Asset Lifecycle Assessment

  • Asset Management Performance Monitoring

  • Whole Life Planning 

  • Strategic Asset Management Planning

  • Asset Risk Register

  • Asset Surveys

  • Asset Verification

  • ISO 5001 Asset Management System Review

Steven Hudson

Local, Regional and National Director

London (UK)

For information concerning our asset management consulting services, please get in touch.